Adhesive Capsulitis Embolization – Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Adhesive Capsulitis Embolization – Frozen Shoulder Treatment

At Minneapolis Vascular Physicians, we specialize in cutting-edge interventions to alleviate the discomfort of Adhesive Capsulitis, commonly known as frozen shoulder.

Our expert team, led by skilled interventional radiologists, performs Adhesive Capsulitis Embolization (ACE) to address this challenging condition. A frozen shoulder can significantly impact your range of motion and daily activities. Our patient-centric approach aims to provide effective, minimally invasive solutions that promote healing and restore flexibility.

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Symptoms of a frozen shoulder

A frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. Symptoms include:

Pain: Persistent pain in the shoulder that may worsen at night, especially when lying on the affected side.

Stiffness: Gradual onset of limited range of motion in the shoulder joint, making it challenging to perform everyday activities like reaching overhead or behind the back.

Decreased Range of Motion: Progressive loss of shoulder mobility, often affecting both active and passive movements.

Difficulty Sleeping: Discomfort and pain can disrupt sleep, especially when lying on the affected side.

Adhesive Capsulitis Embolization (ACE) provides patient relief and increases range of motion for those whose symptoms have persisted despite conservative treatment and is an alternative to surgery. During ACE, the Interventional Radiologist utilizes image guidance to embolize or close down blood vessels surrounding the shoulder joint to reduce blood flow. ACE helps to alleviate inflammation and improve mobility of the shoulder joint.

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