VenaSeal™ - Minneapolis Vein Center now offers the latest treatment for Varicose Vein

Minneapolis Vein Center Now Offers VenaSeal™ Recovery Treatments for Varicose Veins and More

VenaSeal™ is one of the most exciting innovations in treating varicose veins and one of many treatment options available through Minneapolis Vein Center in Plymouth, MN, serving the surrounding communities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and areas of Wisconsin. The clinical team achieves excellent results with this new approach, which is less invasive than many other varicose vein treatment options.

The VenaSeal™ closure system is the first and only treatment approved for use in the US that uses an advanced medical adhesive to safely and effectively close the diseased vein segment. So how does this groundbreaking recovery treatment work? It’s really quite simple. According to the Minnesota manufacturer, Medtronic:

  1. A catheter is inserted through your skin.
  2. A small amount of medical glue is injected into the affected vein.
  3. Once the vein is sealed, blood that was once backed up gets re-routed to other healthy leg veins.

After the procedure, a small bandage is placed at the access site. Patients have reported only minimal bruising following treatment with the VenaSeal™ closure system. Patients also reported rapid return to normal activities. With VenaSeal, there are no compression stockings or other restrictions to follow post-procedure, plus there’s no anesthesia, so you are back to living life painfree.

Over 30 million Americans suffer from varicose veins or Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), yet many remain untreated. Venous Reflux Disease, also called CVI, can develop when the valves that keep blood flowing out of the legs and back to the heart become damaged or diseased. As many sufferers of vein dysfunction know, if CVI is left untreated, symptoms will worsen. In fact, not treating venous reflux disease can lead to side effects that go from bad to worse: leg swelling, ankle swelling and leg pain/aching/cramping will eventually turn to ulcers, sores, open wounds, leg fatigue, leg heaviness and more dangerous varicose veins.

The Minneapolis Vein Center (MVC) specializes in state-of-the-art treatment of medical and cosmetic vascular conditions. Here, we believe in tailored treatment options for patients as we are not a one-size-fits-all population. MVC offers innovative, minimally invasive and cost-effective treatments; we are happy to offer VenaSeal™ treatments and more. If you’re ready to say goodbye to unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins, schedule an appointment with the Vein Center team to determine if VenaSeal is a good fit for your needs. Call us for a free vein screening: (763) 398-8710.

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