Plantar Fasciitis Minneapolis

Is your plantar fasciitis keeping you from enjoying all that Minneapolis has to offer? From water sports to hiking to scenic parks, there’s always something fun to do in the great outdoors of Minneapolis. But if you have plantar fasciitis, your heel pain may be holding you back. Learn more about plantar fasciitis and a new treatment option from Minneapolis Vein Center.


Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia—the thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes—becomes inflamed. The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is heel pain. The condition typically develops gradually with mild pain, which may progress to severe. Heel pain is usually worse first thing in the morning, and may subside with normal activity throughout the day.


You can reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis with simple at-home remedies including:


If you’re living with plantar fasciitis in Minneapolis, it’s time to learn more about Tenex Health TX™, offered by the experts at Minneapolis Vein Center. For patients with severe pain from plantar fasciitis, Tenex Health TX™ combines ultrasound imaging with the advanced TX MicroTip™ to heal your chronic pain. When compared to surgery, Tenex Health TX™ provides many benefits including a faster recovery period, no sutures or stitches, and no need to undergo general anesthesia. To learn more about Tenex Health TX™ for plantar fasciitis, schedule a consultation with Minneapolis Vein Center by calling 763-398-8710.

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