Excel V+ Laser

If you're ready for clear skin again - free of visible veins, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and more - the groundbreaking excel V+ by Cutera makes it happen.  The excel V+ is the latest generattion of high-powered, precise, dual-wavelength lasers!

What makes the excel V+ better than other lasers?  

The excel V+ is the first laser to feature a micro-pulsed energy delivery system that's so precise and powerful that it can break apart the pigment in the deepest lesions withough affecting your surrounding, healthy skin. 

The excel V+ utilizes Coolview sapphire technology to keep your skin comfortable and cool without the need from numbing gel, even as it zaps and eliminates:

You can get the excel V+ at any time, but spring is the perfect time to book some facial rejuvenation or treat those pesky spider veins to help get summer ready!   Schedule your free skin screening today online or call!

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