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At Minneapolis Vein Center in Plymouth, Minnesota, sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment option for spider veins and some varicose veins. The specialists on staff have extensive experience in sclerotherapy, which is why so many men and women from Plymouth, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and nearby Wisconsin wouldn’t consider turning to any other doctor for their vein care. If you’re ready to find an effective treatment option for unsightly or painful vein abnormalities, schedule an appointment with the Minneapolis Vein Center team at your earliest convenience. Online scheduling is available, and you’re also welcome to call the office.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that eliminates visibly swollen veins. It’s minimally invasive, which results in faster recovery and a lower risk of side effects as compared to other treatment options.

Spider veins usually look like areas of redness with tiny red lines branching out in all directions. That gives a spider-like appearance, which is why most people use the common term “spider veins” over the medical term telangiectasia.

In some cases, only one treatment is necessary to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Other men and women have larger spider veins or multiple areas that require attention and come in for three or four treatments to achieve the desired effect.  


What happens during sclerotherapy?

For surface spider veins, the provider will directly inject these veins. For larger veins supplying these spider veins, the provider may use ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for treatment.

The process begins with a numbing agent to reduce discomfort during treatment. Once that medication takes effect, your Vein Center provider uses an ultrasound device to guide the position of a thin needle to the site of venous damage. Ultrasound is especially useful in cases where the abnormal vein is located deep beneath the skin.

After correctly positioning the needle, your doctor injects a solution into the vein to prompt your body to turn the targeted vein walls into scar tissue. Your body eventually absorbs that tissue, reducing the visible redness of spider veins.

The procedure usually takes between 30 - 60 minutes, and is relatively comfortable. Most men and women report little discomfort and return to normal activities after their appointment.


How long does it take to see results from sclerotherapy?

Most men and women notice improvements in the treatment from two to six weeks after their appointment. In some cases, additional treatments are required to achieve the best outcome, and you’ll need to wait four to six weeks between treatment appointments.

To get the best possible results, avoid strenuous activity for a couple of weeks after your appointment. You should also avoid exposing the treatment area to the sun for at least six weeks after sclerotherapy. Additionally, compression stockings help support your veins as they transition to scar tissue, and as your body redirects blood flow to nearby circulatory structures.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to unsightly swollen veins, schedule a consultation with the Minneapolis Vein Center team to explore the possibilities available through sclerotherapy.