Treatment & Evaluation of Venous Leg Ulcers


Approximately 70 percent of all leg ulcers are venous ulcers. A leg with venous problems has a very characteristic appearance. The leg is swollen and the skin around a venous ulcer is dry, itchy and sometimes brownish in color—eczema may appear (varicose eczema). The ulcer has a weeping, raw appearance and is usually painless unless infected. These types of ulcers are normally located just above the ankle, usually on the inside of the leg.

To treat ulcers MVC typically starts with a medicated wound wrap or Unna boot to treat and heal the wound. As the healing process begins, some patients will need further treatment to fully control the disease process in order to prevent recurrent ulcers or other problems. A full evaluation using ultrasound should be completed to determine the presence of venous disease.

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