Phlebectomy is a minimally invasive surgical technique to remove abnormal medium to large veins.  Your leg will be evaluated using ultrasound and the veins will be marked using a skin marker.  You will receive local anesthesia at the incision site to numb the entire area.  Using a special set of tools, the physician makes tiny incisions in the skin to remove the affected veins.  Incisions are so tiny that stitches are not required.  Once the diseased vein is removed, other healthy veins take over to empty blood from your legs.  As normal blood flow is re-established, your symptoms should improve noticeably.

Patients scheduled for phlebectomy should arrange for transportation as they will be sedated for the procedure and should not drive for the rest of the day.

The procedure typically takes approximately 45-60 minutes, although we advise patients to plan on spending roughly 2 hours at the Minneapolis Vein Center.

Phlebectomy offers permanent vein removal with virtually no scarring, skin discoloration or ulcers.

  • Many physicians recommend walking after treatment.  Walking reduces pressure in the veins and increases flow while reducing the risk of forming a blood clot.  Typical side effects include mild discomfort, bruising and bleeding.
  • After treatment, patients typically wear a compression stocking for two weeks.  Your physician will discuss this with you after the procedure.
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