Spotlight: Meet Michele Ducharme Rauma, Manager and Nurse Practitioner

This month, we are excited to introduce Michele DuCharme Rauma, the Manager and Nurse Practitioner at Minneapolis Vein Center (MVC). She has been at MVC for about two years, although she has been working with Minneapolis Vascular Physicians for over seven years.

Michele comes from a long line of nurses, including her mother, who is her role model. “Nursing gives me the opportunity to take care of others and improve their quality of life,” says DuCharme Rauma, “I love being a nurse practitioner.” A nurse practitioner receives graduate education and additional clinical training beyond the registered nursing degree. Nurse practitioners must pass a rigorous national certification exam and, in Minnesota, they are licensed by the state. Nurse practitioners diagnose and treat health conditions with an emphasis on disease prevention and health management. They can order tests and prescribe medications. “As a nurse practitioner at Minneapolis Vein Center,” says Michele, “I focus on the whole patient and how venous disease affects their life.”

When a patient is unsure if they have vein problems or has general questions about their veins, they will often see Michele, who will meet with them in a free consult to decide the best way to proceed. In a typical day, she works closely with the physicians to see patients and assist with vein procedures. She speaks with patients who have questions and performs cosmetic procedures for spider veins.

As a full service vein center, the MVC team gives each patient a thorough vein workup and an individualized plan of care. During initial consultations, patients meet with a nurse, get a full ultrasound and meet with a physician. While each patient is given plenty of time to ask questions and fully understand their treatment options, the MVC team works together to ensure timely appointments and efficient service. “We realize our patients have busy lives and we maximize each procedure day so our patients don’t need to make as many trips or take as many days off work.”

Outside of work, Michele enjoys boating, traveling, jogging, hot yoga, reading and Netflix. She also loves spending time with her family, including three boys who keep her very busy with sports and activities. She also has a rescued dog and cat.

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